Research data management at the University of Konstanz

Digital information plays an increasingly important role in modern research. Research data that is managed efficiently facilitates academic research, is easier to locate, reproduce and use when needed. As such, it can help boost both the reputation of individual researchers as well as that of the research location in its entirety. Appropriate and responsible data management helps to protect this valuable good. The University of Konstanz supports and advises its researchers on all matters pertaining to research data management.

What is research data management?

Research data management encompasses a number of systematic measures designed to streamline workflows by organising research data efficiently so as to make it easier to retrieve, reproduce and use.

These include collaborative work processes, personal data management and documentation, back-up strategies, persistent identification, (long-term) storage as well as the management of access rights, licensing and publication strategies. These measures should be written down in a data management plan towards the beginning of any research project.

Information about research data management

More information around these topics is available on the information portal

Advice and services offered by the University of Konstanz

The University of Konstanz offers various tools and advisory services concerned with individual aspects of research data management to its researchers. They are listed below, based on the (typical) cycle of a research project. If you are missing information or a particular service or if you have any questions about research data management, please email us on

Application and funding

The University of Konstanz’s Research Support team provides support and detailed information about project applications and funding.

Project and document management

The Redmine-based platform PROJECTS supports University of Konstanz members in planning and managing their projects. It can be used by any account holder to create their own project. In order to join an existing project, you must obtain an invitation from a project manager. The platform manages your project activities for you via to-do lists and individually assignable responsibilities, allows you to keep track of the overall progress made and offers quick and easy access to the SVN subversion client. PROJECTS can be customised to take project-specific requirements into account. More information is available here.

The central document management system (DMS) takes care of your document management needs. It is based on “Alfresco One”, the enterprise version of the open source DMS Alfresco. The document management system helps you organise, locate and collaborate on individual documents, regardless of your location. You can also use this service on your smartphone via app. More information about the DMS is available here.

High-performance computing

At the University of Konstanz, we centrally reserve capacity for scientific computing. Within the framework of the bwHPC service, University of Konstanz members also have access to various high-performance computing options.

Subversion client

The University of Konstanz has a subversion client to manage various versions of your project. It not only allows you to manage the individual stages of your data, but offers remote server access to accommodate research teams that do not necessarily work in one location. More detailed information can be found here.

Storing and sharing data

The University of Konstanz’s file server offers all university members 15 GB worth of storage space for their personal data. For working groups, 50 GB worth of storage capacity are available, which can be further expanded if this is required. Both your personal data as well as your working group data is protected by an encrypted back-up service provided by the University of Ulm (daily back-ups).

The bwFileStorage service further offers all members of universities in Baden-Württemberg access to the main file server hosted by the Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). To register, please use the shared identity management system bwlDM and use the login details provided by your home institution.

For sharing large files, the University of Konstanz provides a depot service. University members or their external partners can use this service to store files of up to 2 GB. These files are then assigned a URL which can be used to access the stored information from any computer.

The bwsync&share service offers all members of universities in Baden-Württemberg storage space of up to 25 GB and allows users to sync and share their data on various (mobile) devices. This service is also connected to bwlDM.

Open access publishing

To publish your research data, you should use a suitable subject-specific archive or repository, if you can. We recommend that you use the registry portal re3data to find a suitable repository. If your department does not have a suitable repository, you can also use Zenodo, the general purpose repository of the OpenAIRE EU project.

Further information around the topic of open access publishing is available on the “Wissenschaftliches Publizieren und Open Access” pages (academic publishing and open access) as well as on the information portal