Would you like to request media for the library to purchase?

When you complete the order form, please remember:

  • to select your department from the list.
  • to include an email address for us to contact.
  • to reserve the media if you would like to borrow it.
Acquisition request

Information about purchasing literature for researchers with basic funding and project funding resources

If you would like to purchase literature using basic and project funding resources, please contact:

  • the “Sozialwissenschaften / Sonderbeschaffung” team (social sciences / special purchases) for books and other media
  • the “Zeitschriftenstelle” (journals desk) for journals

You will receive the same discounts that the library receives for orders placed in Germany and abroad.

Please remember to include the following:

  • the applicable “Kostenstelle” (university billing account)
  • basic funding recipient
  • a short explanation why the literature is being requested
  • title and detailed information about the book
Form for purchasing literature with basic funding (in German)

If you have already purchased books and would like to have the costs reimbursed with basic funding, please send us the book and the billing invoice along with an internal request form (“Anforderung”).

If purchased directly, please bill us for the cost of the literature and include your bank details.
We will reimburse you up to the amount we would have paid if we had purchased the media ourselves. Additional shipping and handling fees, etc. will not be reimbursed.
As soon as we have finished processing it, the book will be available for check-out and you will receive an email notification.

If you have ordered journals or loose leaf pages, which will continue to be delivered directly to you, please confirm on the bill that the journal/delivered pages were actually/will actually be delivered to you. The bill is then considered correct or “sachlich richtig”.