Course information and IT support for doctoral students

Information and advice

KIM Library and IT Support is your first point of contact for library and IT questions.

Please contact our subject specialists if you have subject-specific questions. They will be glad to assist you with all your research questions and questions regarding media-acquisition.

KIM provides extensive course offerings for all students, including, for example, an introduction to using reference management software (EndNote and Zotero) and various IT and information literacy courses.

Course information and IT support for doctoral students

Scholarly publishing and open access

You can publish your publications online in the institutional repository KOPS. In addition, we will advise you individually on further publication options and the cost absorption for journal articles or monographs from our publication fund.

Open Science and Research Data Management

We advise you on all aspects of Open Science and take care of general and specific questions. In particular, for your Research Data Management concerns, we support you in all tasks along the research data lifecycle. From planning and your research proposal, to legal issues and data generation, storage throughout the research process, publication and long-term archiving of your data. Just get in touch with us about this.

For continuing education, we offer online courses on Open Science.


Submitting dissertations

 Different publication forms are allowed in accordance with the University of Konstanz Doctoral Regulations. Depending on the way your dissertation is published, a corresponding amount of presentation copies of your thesis must be submitted to the University of Konstanz library:

Forms of publication:

- electronic publication in KOPS and submission of four printed copies
- publishing house: six copies
- 40 printed copies or a microfiche copy

Electronic publication in KOPS

You can upload an electronic version of the doctoral thesis in PDF-format to KOPS. You also provide a brief description of your dissertation (title, author, abstract...).
In addition, you submit four printed copies to the thesis section of the library.
Room: B 806

There are no layout requirements for the printed dissertation. However, the electronic and printed versions of your dissertation must have an identical layout. As soon as both versions have been submitted, library staff will confirm to the Central Examination Office that the documents have been received.

Presentation copies for other forms of publication

If your doctoral thesis is published by a publisher, please submit six presentation copies to the thesis section of the library. If your doctoral thesis will not be published by a publisher or KOPS, then please submit 40 presentation copies (printed or in microfiche).

Long-term availability

Dissertations published in KOPS are available for the long-term and are given a permanent link that can be used for citation purposes. Once dissertations have been published they may not be changed or deleted from KOPS.

Please mail your presentation copies to:
Universitaet Konstanz Kommunikations-, Informations-, Medienzentrum
Universitaetsstrasse 10
78464 Konstanz

Contact: KOPS team - Phone: +49 7531 88 -2873

Preventing plagiarism

KIM advises researchers, students, lecturers, departments and university institutions on how to avoid text citation errors and plagiarism.

Services and courses provided by the subject coordinators:

- on information literacy or software for managing literature
- material for self-study, e.g. about researching, citations, inter-textual work, etc.
- information on and connecting with other university services, e.g. Academic Staff Development.

Support for doctoral students with teaching responsibilities:

- classes in university didactics
- teaching material, information and guides
- courses that can be integrated into your own teaching

Support for departments and institutions:

- didactic concepts for sample workflows to address plagiarism
- concepts for using software to identify plagiarism
- information and advice

The plagiarism prevention project website provides you with additional materials, event dates and much more.

For more information, please contact:

Oliver Trevisiol - Email


Bibliometry uses literature databases and mathematical-statistical methods to evaluate the publishing productivity and reputation of individual researchers, institutes or universities. The results are used, for example, for funding decisions and applications.

We provide information and advice on:

- calculating bibliometric statistics
- using and interpreting bibliometric indicators for researchers, institutes and departments
- the limitations of and methodical problems with bibliometry
- researching in the bibliometric database “Web of Science”
- creating researcher profiles (e.g. ResearcherID)
- alternative methods (altmetrics)

Dr Monika May

Note on the library card

Doctoral students at the University of Konstanz can obtain a special employee ID card from the Circulation Service.


  • Ordering via the in-house document delivery service KonDoc
  • Payment of the fee for interlibrary loans and the direct delivery service SUBITO from central university funds.

you need the following documents:

  • current doctoral confirmation
  • identity card or student card