Open Access policy of the University of Konstanz

Open Access stands for free and unrestricted online access to scientific and scholarly information. The Rectorate supports the concept of Open Access and has been encouraging University of Konstanz researchers for the past several years to continue to also publish their scholarly works as Open Access publications. This policy is in line with the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities (German version). 

University of Konstanz Senate and Rectorate resolution on 22 February 2012

“Publications from the University of Konstanz should, as the meaning of Open Access conveys, be made freely available to the public as long as this does not contravene agreements with publishers or other third parties. The university supports publication in Open Access journals and invites its researchers to make their previously published publications freely available to the public by uploading them to the University of Konstanz’s online publication system (KOPS).

The University of Konstanz strongly encourages all university members – in accordance with the guidelines of the DFG (German Research Foundation) and other funding institutions – to negotiate non-exclusive usage rights with their publishers in order to provide free access to their research results via electronic publications or archives.

Press release (German): University of Konstanz declares Open Access to be a guiding principle for its scientific publishing