KIM offers the online storage service "cloud.uni-konstanz" based on Nextcloud. The cloud offers you:

  • Synchronize data between different devices
  • Sharing data with other users
  • Cross-platform access via web browser or via the client (for various operating systems, also for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones)
  • Collaboration: Text documents, tables or presentations can be edited together

How can I access the Cloud?

Access via browser

On the start page of the Cloud you can log in with your university account.

Access via client - synchronization of data

The data stored in the cloud can be synchronized to a desktop PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) or a smartphone (iPhone, Android, among others). A Client must be installed for this. Further details for the setup are explained here.

How can I work with the Cloud?

Important icons

With the "+" icon you can:

  • upload a file
  • create a new folder
  • create a new text file
  • create a new document
  • create a new table
  • create a new presentation

The icon "..." allows:

  • in the folder/file level to edit, such as rename, delete, etc.
  • editing of links, such as setting expiry date, deleting share links, password protection etc.

Tip: Entire folders can be moved to the appropriate place in the cloud with "Drag and Drop".

Share files / folders

 Files or folders can be shared:

  • internal - the file / folder can be shared for Uni accounts.
  • external - as a public link, which is automatically generated with an expiration date and can be sent by mail. Alternatively, a file can be sent directly from the cloud to any mail address.

The icon "..." allows you to edit the generated link, such as setting an expiration date, deleting the release link, password protection, etc.

Detailed instructions on how to use the cloud as a replacement for the depot server are available for download as a PDF document.

Collaborative work

With the cloud, text documents, tables or presentations can be edited together.