KIM offers the online storage service "cloud.uni-konstanz" based on Nextcloud.


How can I use the Cloud?

Log in with the Uni-Account

With the icon + you can:

  • Upload files
  • Create new folders
  • New text file
  • New document
  • New table
  • New Presentation

Tip: Whole folders can be "dragged and dropped" to the appropriate place in the cloud.

The icon "..." allows you to edit, rename, delete etc. in the folder/file level.

Share files / folders

The files or folders can be shared:


the file / folder can be unlocked for other university accounts.

external as a public link

  • a link is automatically generated with an expiration date and can be sent separatly by email
  • the file can be sent directly by email from the cloud to any email adress.

The icon "..." allows the processing of a generated link, such as set expiration date, delete release link, password protection...
Detailed instructions can be found here.

Collaborative work

With the Cloud, text documents, tables or presentations can be edited together.

Instructions can be found here.