Open Public Sector Data

Open Data refers to the idea of making data freely available to the public for use. This also includes data that is collected by administrative bodies and has often been 'hoarded' in the authorities. This primarily refers to data that is of general interest and covers public aspects, such as geo, traffic, weather and other data: Geographic, traffic, weather and household data. Excluded from publication are personal data that are subject to data protection for security reasons.
Dietrich, 2011; Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland, o. J.

Open administrative data (Open Data or Open Government Data) and its publication have gained importance in recent years and will continue to do so. This is primarily also due to the national and European legal framework, which, for example, obliges federal authorities to publish raw data with the Second Open Data Act. The Federal Government's Open Data Strategy also contains measures for making public administration data available.To make the data available, there are central portals such as GovData | Data Portal for Germany and local initiatives such as Offene Daten Konstanz. The University of Konstanz currently makes part of its administrative data available via the website "Facts and Figures". There you can find data on the areas of study & teaching, research, promotion of young researchers, internationalisation, equality, finances, personnel and infrastructure. The data is available in visualised form, but can also be downloaded in various formats.