Collaborative Team Work

An overview of the available tools and services for members of the University

Due to the current coronavirus situation, the KIM has received a large number of enquiries about tools and services for collaborative working, working from home, and support for the move from physical to online meetings. On this page you will find an overview of the options available to you. If you have further questions, please get in touch.

Note on Data Protection

Please note that data protection guidelines must continue to be followed when using any services. When working from home, please ensure that no third parties can view your screen when dealing with sensitive data. Secure your computer or smart device so that the safe use of our services is possible. When using external services you must ensure that data protection regulations are being adhered to. If you are unsure, please contact IT security or the legal department.

Creating and working on Office documents together

Working together on documents is possible via the Cloud. Changes are live and visible. External users can also be invited to take part.

University staff can also use DMS (Alfresco) which has a greater focus on document management. DMS also offers version control.

Working together with structured documents, notes and information

For working together on structured documents soch as meeting minutes, notes, and collecting information you can use the Wiki-Service. Here you can request a wiki for your project or department and are then free to fill it with information as you wish.

Audio and Video Conferences

The KIM offers systems which can be used for audio and video conferences.

Single and Group Chats

The KIM chat service uses the open source XMPP protocol and can be used with a variety of clients. Depending on your chosen client it is also possible to hold video chats. There is also an integrated chat in the cloud, provided you choose "Log in with chat" when logging in. This allows you to chat whilst editing a document together.

Project management

We offer Redmine for managing long-term projects, managing mile stones, tickets and prject goals. Redmine can be used by all members of the University. It is also possible to connect to the University version control (SVN).

Sharing material with students

Please use ILIAS to share materials with students. Should you need assistance with an individual E-Learning solution, please contact the KIM.