Our CampusLAN encompasses the entire wired network that is required to provide internet access in all offices, seminar rooms and lecture halls. To gain access to this network, you must apply for an IP address for your computer. Please use our application wizard web tool. Simply log in with your account information and provide the required information about your computer and where you wish to connect to the network. We will then allocate an IP address to your computer (in order of application). You will receive all necessary information via email.

Apply for an IP address!

Further information about our connection to the world wide web can be found on our Infrastructure page.

Network access information sheet

The network administrator (or contact person) responsible for your computer

Please provide a contact in case of network problems or if we need to make changes to your configuration parameters. In some cases -- e.g. during a network failure caused by a broken network card -- we have to react immediately.

Reaching people by phone tends to be difficult, which is why it would be great if we could contact your designated contact person by email.

In your own interest, please give us notice whenever the contact person for your computer changes.

What type of computer have you got?

We need to enter information on your computer type in our domain name servers. Once entered, the information becomes available worldwide, which can be helpful for other network participants.

We also need this information to select or install hardware or software to connect your computer to the network (DOS, OS/2, Mac).

Operating system(s)

We need to enter information about your operating system in our domain name servers. Once entered, the information becomes available worldwide. It lets other network participants know which services to expect from your device; e.g. it is pointless trying to log on to a DOS computer.

We also need this information to install or configure network software.

If you are running more than one operating system on your computer, please provide details on all systems; your choice might influence the network configuration.

The location of your computer

We need to know the exact location of the computer to be able to tell what kind of network connection is available there or if a new connection has to be created. This in turn can influence the type of network hardware your computer requires. This information might also prove useful in case of network failures. Please tell us if the location of your computer changes.

The name of your computer

All computers connected to a network have a unique numeric address within the network. Because these network addresses are hard to remember, all computers are given an additional name that is unique within the network.

Because the internet is so large, computer names consist of several components that form a hierarchical structure. For instance,
is a computer that is situated in Germany(.de), at the University of Konstanz within the IT Service Centre(.rz). Within the IT Service Centre, the computer is called Krataios. It is the only computer there by that name.

We will merely allocate a “name attachment” to your computer. You are free to choose a name by following these instructions:
Computer name.organisational

You can consult extensive articles on network node designation explaining the “do's and don'ts” on this matter. In general, it is important to choose a name that is unlikely to mislead other (human) network participants.

Here are a few hints as to which designations or namesnot to use:

  • First and last names of staff members.
    Staff members come and go. It would not do for Ms Miller to work on a computer named, because other network participants might assume that someone called Meyer is working on the computer.
  • Names of specific fields (of research).
    Often, several groups or chairs work on similar fields. It would be confusing for one virology group to run a computer called and for another virology group not to.
  • Computer type designations.
    Please do not call your computer 386AT or Macllcx. There are probably dozens of these computers in your department. Also: the name will no longer apply after the next update...
  • Names describing a function
    Even if your computer serves a very particular purpose (NovellServer, measurement slave...), please do not name it after its main function. As soon as the task is taken over by a (faster) successor, the name of the old computer will lead to confusion.
  • Room numbers.
    Your room might change - but the computer name remains the same.

Perhaps the name you prefer is already taken. That is why you should always think of and supply two names. Helpful hints on choosing a computer name can be found on RFC1178: Choosing a name for your computer.

Your computer’s network connection

If you already know which network connections are available in the room where your computer is to be set up, please enter them here; you can make exactly one entry.
All new cabling is done using 10BaseT.
If you have selected Ethernet (10BaseT), you must complete the following field:
The number listed on an available network plug socket
This information is needed in order to connect using this network plug, i.e. activate the socket. In order to do so, a connection between the cable leading to the socket and the network concentrator will be established in the distribution cabinet on the respective floor of the building.