Reference management

What can you do with reference management software?

  • efficiently organise bibliographic information
  • create a personal literature database
  • import information from catalogues, bibliographic databases and the internet
  • insert bibliographic information into your academic work
  • create bibliographies

Access to Citavi-Web has been switched off as of 30 April 2023.

You can still access your data via Citavi-Cloud.
Please note: The campus license for Citavi-Desktop and Citavi-Clouds will expire on 31st March 2024. Until then, you can continue to work on your projects with Citavi.
We recommend that all Citavi users switch to Zotero as soon as possible and have compiled information for you on how to make the switch.

KIM provides the following reference management software for free to university members:

Citavi Desktop

Please note: The campus license for Citavi-Desktop will expire on 31st March 2024
A licence can be used for all your personal computers and devices.
reference management and knowledge organization
Citavi Desktop works with Windows (sometimes with Mac, if certain requirements are met)
The programme can be installed and used on a local computer.
reference management
works with Windows and Mac.
EndNote Online
The programme is web-based.
reference management
works with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Numerous other reference management software is also available.

Which programme is the right one for me?

  • A detailed comparison of reference management software is available from the library at the Technical University of Munich (pdf).
  • Our decision-making tool (pdf, german) shows you the main criteria you can use to decide which programme best suits your needs.
    Please note: The campus license for Citavi-Desktop will expire on 31st March 2024.