Without software, your computer is nothing more than an expensive desktop lamp. You need the right programmes to get your work done efficiently, protect yourself and your computer from dangers and annoyances and of course have fun with your system. Although the IT Service Centre is not a software shop, we will always be there to give you advise.

Software Selling Point

per mail: soft.kim@uni-konstanz.de

As of  1 July 2012 all state universities are able to license the Microsoft Professional Desktop Platform Suite for their staff. Because the membership fee is centrally funded, no further costs occur for you. The University of Konstanz has become a member of this agreement. Further information on available products as well as links to download the software can be found on our Microsoft agreement page.

Note that this offer is only valid for university staff. Students are not eligible to use software under the state-wide Microsoft agreement. 

The department of informatics is a premium member of the "Microsoft DreamSpark" program. This program enables university members and students to use Microsoft software free of charge for research and teaching purposes.

Students of "STEM" curricula (Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Technology, Engineering (incl. Informatics), Math) well as their staff members who are directly involved in teaching and/or research are eligible. Students of all disciplines may benefit, if they attend IT courses (such as, courses in Computer Science).

Further information, terms of use and the link to the portal at the department of informatics.

As of 1 April 2013 the University of Konstanz is a member of the state-wide Matlab agreement. University staff as well as students may use the software including all tool boxes for non-commercial, academic research and education. The software may be used on university workstations as well as on private computers.

Links to download the can soon be found on our page on the state-wide Matlab agreement.

As a rule, the IT Service Centre does not sell software to students. But, as is generally known, there is no rule without exception.

General software

For software we recommend cobra-Shop, [educheck] and studyhouse, which all offer software for students at low prices. In addition we publish our current offers in our News-Blog on a regular.

SPSS statistics software

The statistics software SPSS can be purchased at the software selling point. Please bring your student ID, and you can take home the software right away. For information about prices and availability please check our News-Blog.

SPSS Statistik Blog
SPSS Homepage

Literature management

The library provides campus licenses for different literature management programmes. University members may use the programmes free of charge. Further information is available on the library's homepage:

Information on Bibliographix
Information on Citavi
Information on Endnote
Information on Endnote Web
Information on RefWorks