Repositories and databases

Repositories, databases and cloud applications provide the option to share research data with different target audiences, for different purposes and in different stages of the project. The services available at the University of Konstanz vary in availability, configuration and price. Click on the links to learn more about each individual service. Due to the variety of services and the individuality of many requirements, please contact us directly if you have any doubts and we will find the right solution for you.

Local Storage Services

Cloud – sharing and collaborating

Cloud is a service based on Nextcloud that enables users to store and share data as well as to perform collaborative research in the safe environment provided by the university’s own servers. You can access Cloud using either a web browser or an internet client. It is best suited to sharing a reasonable quantity of data, and you can share your data with both internal and external users.


Fileserver – network drive

The Fileserver is a network drive integrated through Samba/CIFS that is accessible to different computers. It offers neither additional functions nor metadata, but it is easy to use, and you can store even large amounts of data on the university’s own servers.


Individual Storage

If your storage needs exceed the limits set by the services, we can also provide you with individual offers with which you can integrate your own storage into the university's storage infrastructure. However, these offers must always be discussed and prepared on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if the existing services are not sufficient.

Publish data in a repository

Movebank Data Repository – publish animal tracking data

Welcome to Movebank's data repository! Through this repository, Movebank allows users to publish animal tracking datasets that have been uploaded to Movebank ( Published datasets have gone through a submission and review process and are typically associated with a written study published in an academic journal. All animal tracking data in this repository are available to the public.

The Movebank Data Repository is suitable for the long-term publication of data in connection with other publications. The data will be curated and a citable DOI will be assigned to the data set.

Movebank Data Repository

re3data - Registry of Research Data Repositories

re3data is a directory of over 2,700 data repositories. You can use a variety of search and filter functions to find a suitable repository there. We generally recommend the preferential use of a subject-specific repository, as this increases the visibility of your data.

re3data - Registry of Research Data Repositories

Generic data repositories

If you cannot find a suitable subject-specific repository for your data, you can use generic repositories. These usually allow the publication of data from all scientific disciplines. Examples include Zenodo, which is operated by CERN, and Harvard Dataverse.

KonDATA - The Research Data Repository of the University of Konstanz

This service offered by KIM provides you with the simple and convenient option of publishing your research data in a way that is visible and citable in the long term.


Long-term archiving

bwDataArchive – long-term archiving, even of large quantities of data

bwDataArchive is a statewide service for long-term data archiving run by Karlsruhe’s KIT. The University of Konstanz has a contract with the KIT to use the service. It is a suitable place to store “cold data” (data for which no regular or quick access is required) for up to ten years. You may use it to archive large quantities of data up to three-digit terabyte amounts. Costs apply for this service, which we will gladly explain the terms and conditions for. Simply contact us!


State-wide storage services in Baden-Württemberg

SDS@hd – hot data, available from the HPC clusters

SDS@hd is a data storage service provided by Heidelberg University for hot data, which the University of Konstanz has a contract to use. This service is particularly useful for data that need to be available quickly for calculations by the HPC clusters in the state. Costs apply for this service, which we will gladly explain the terms and conditions for. Simply contact us!