Storage space for your data

The file server of the KIM enables every member of the University of Konstanz to store documents and files centrally. This storage space of 16 Gigabyte (16 GB) can be used from anywhere at the university and, via VPN, also from home.

Storage space for work groups

In addition to the central storage of personal files, the file server offers the possibility to use storage space for groups. The groups can simply be requested by you as an employee of the University of Konstanz and can then be managed by up to 2 people of your choice. This way the access control remains under your control at all times, as only group members can access the storage space of the group. The group administration is comfortably possible via a web browser using the user manager.

At the beginning 50 GigaByte (50GB) are available for each group. If necessary, this space can be increased at any time.

Data protection (backup)

Of course, both the data of the personal storage space and the data of the groups are backed up daily.