Audio and video conferences

In order to teach remotely instructors first need to set up a web conference. In this process, a link to the conference is generated which is then sent to the corresponding students. To take part, students only need internet access and a web browser.

Before using web conferencing software, please note the following important data protection information of the Office of Legal Affairs​​​​​​​.

Big Blue Button

  • Open source solution hosted locally at the university
  • Recommended for teaching and meetings with confidential information, including personal data
  • Up to 200 participants
  • Can be directly integrated into ILIAS
  • Permanent KIM service
  • It runs directly in the browser of your choice
  • Log in with your university account
  • Maintenance Dates: Due to regular system maintenance, BBB is only available for use after 8:00 am on Mondays.

Instructions: BigBlueButton quick reference guide (PDF, in German), BigBlueButton full guide (PDF, in German), video instructions in German from KIM.LR

Advanced functions in BigBlueButton

Our BBB servers have been updated to include many new functions:

  • It is now possible to create up to 16 breakout rooms per web conference.
  • More participants: Up to 300 participants are now possible without noticeably reducing the quality of the connection. In such cases, as before, the only people who should be using their webcams are those who are speaking (teachers, presenters, etc.).
  • Free-response answers are now permitted in surveys.
  • Data-reduction mode: Individual users can choose not to view webcam video and screen-sharing material in order to reduce their data usage (click on the three dots at the top right -> "Einstellungen öffnen" (open settings) -> "Datensparmodus" (data-reduction mode)). This can be useful with certain end devices or where users have a weak internet connection.
  • The white board can be opened up for individual participants to write on, and it is compatible with an iPad stylus that has (NEW!) palm/hand rejection. The latencies are minimal, and the white board only shows what the stylus writes (and not where a hand has touched the surface).
  • Using the stylus, text can be entered into a text field on the white board. The handwritten text will be automatically changed into typewritten letters. It is also possible to write text in the text field of a public chat using an iPad and stylus.
  • Video resolutions: The default setting is "medium quality", but, when you enter the conference room, you can change the resolution to "low" or "high" if you like.
  • Mobile devices (smartphones and iPads) will be recognized as such and the video bandwidth will be reduced accordingly. This is useful, e.g. if you are taking part using mobile data or where there is a poor internet connection.
  • The connection information at the top right is also new: It shows you how strong your internet connection is.
  • The default setting for the paging function is automatically turned on for mobile devices (iPhone/iPad): BBB shows video of the last six active speakers. If you would like to see video of all participants, you can deactivate the "paging function" on iOS/iPadOS devices by going to the three dots and selecting "Einstellungen öffnen" (open settings) -> "Seitenweises Anzeigen von Webcams" (page display of webcams).
  • The raise hand function creates a special window that is easy for the moderator to see. If several participants raise their hands, the moderator can "lower" hands after the respective persons have spoken. This step deletes the names from the corresponding window.


  • Commercial system. The university uses servers in Germany for conversation content. The metadata is saved on servers in the USA
  • Recommended for teaching and meetings, especially when using a large amount of video content
  • It runs in the browser of your choice
  • Up to 300 participants. Licences for large events with up to 500 participants can be booked via KIM


From 14.04.2022, a campus license for Zoom will be available for use by ALL members of the university (employees, students). From this date, everyone can log in to the platform at with their personal university account.

Please note:

  • People who do not have a license yet are asked to register here only after 04/14 and will receive a full license. If they register there before this date, they will only receive a Basic license, which is limited to 40min. A subsequent full license is then only possible by request to
  • If you need a Zoom full license in urgent cases before 04/14, please also contact
  • People who already have a Zoom license from the university do not need to do anything, but will be migrated automatically.

Instructions for Zoom, video instructions from KIM.LR (both in German)

Cisco WebEx

Starting April 2022, the campus licence for Cisco WebEx will be discontinued.

After 4/17, only a few licenses will be available for official necessary communication, such as with ministries. Licenses for these purposes can be applied for via
Since the platform will no longer be available to current users after 4/17, you may want to back up recordings of WebEx events elsewhere beforehand, such as locally on your computer. If the recordings are to be used in teaching, you can also save them in an Opencast object in ILIAS courses and make them available there.

Instructions for WebEx, video instructions from KIM.LR (both in German)


  • Service of the German National Research and Education Network (DFN), server in Germany
  • Recommended for teaching and meetings
  • There is a permanent service provided by the DFN
  • It runs in the browser of your choice
  • Log in with your university account

Instructions and information (in German):