High-Performance Computing in BW

Application for Access to bwUniCluster

A VPN-connection is required for access to bwHPC resources.

Step 1: Fill out an application form

All departments which contributed to the new bwUniCluster are eligible for a login and can register by using our application form.
Fill in the Login Application Form and send it to Rainer Rutka (B803). If it is required urgently, you can send the form in advance by e-mail.

Antrag auf Zugangsberechtigung für den bwUniCluster (Login Application Form for the University of Konstanz - in German)

Please note our user regulations (in the Info-Box)

Step 2: Enable Access

In order to activate your access, you will need to authenticate yourself via the following website using your University of Konstanz login:

K.I.T. Landesdienste

  • Förderation: bwIdm (is automatically selected)
  • Heimorganisation: Universität Konstanz (select from list)
  • Click on "Fortfahren"

You will be redirected to the University of Konstanz Shibboleth authentication and authorisation service page.

Step 3: bwUniCluster - Service Registration

You will be redirected back to the Landesdienste KIT page. Now that you have been authenticated, you can sign up for the individual services.

For our purposes we use "bwUniCluster"

  • In the area bwUniCluster, click on "Service Beschreibung"
  • Then click "Registrieren"

  • Accept the Terms of Use
  • Finally, click on "Registrieren"


After you have registered you must set a service password.

  • On the left under bwUniCluster, click on "Dienstpasswort setzen".
  • Enter a new password.
  • The password can (but doesn't have to) be the same as your University password.
  • Save

Your University password is not currently passed to the state service. You therefore need to set the service password, which is separate from other University services.

After you have registered, you should check the registration information. There you will find the most important information for logging in to the bwUniCluster.

The individual fields:

Registriert am Date and time of registration for the service
Status Service status: ACTIVE, INACTIVE
Mail Transmitted e-mail address(es) from the University
sn second name: surname
homeDir Home directory in the bwUniCluster. This is your $HOME for your own use.
groupName Group name as an organisational entity (OE), an "_", and then an organisational sub-entity (department). kn_kn = Konstanz/all
cn cn: Common name Uni e-mail address
sambaEnabled Is netBUI (Windows-Share) switched on. false=no
description Comments
localUid The login name for the bwUniCluster. It is made up of: Primary group_pop'number'. Example: kn_pop123223
The login name would then be: kn_pop123223
uidNumber Linux User-ID
gidNumber Linux Group-ID
givenName Login name for the bwUniCluster. Currently deactivated. Please use "kn_pop"+number to log in.
groups Secondary Groups. Not set

Step 4: bwUniCluster Login Node

Now that registration is complete, you can log in to the bwUniCluster.

The URL is bwunicluster.scc.kit.edu

Access only with SSH over Port 22. Telnet, ftp, rlogin and other services have not been activated for security reasons.

Important! This is not a web server. Trying to access the UniCluster via a browser will not work.

Example using PUTTY

Example using the Linux-Terminal and X-Window

$ ssh -X kn_pop123456@bwunicluster.scc.kit.edu

UserID / Username

There is a place holder for your own username in the ssh conmmand. Together with the prefix for your "home organisation" (= uni) it will look like this:

  • Konstanz: <UserID> = kn_username

 kn = Universität Konstanz

So: pop123456 + kn (für Konstanz) = kn_pop12345


Login Nodes

The bwUniCluster  has two special login noders. The choice of login node happens automatically via "round-robin scheduling". Access may occur via a different node, depending on the date and time.

You should therefore be careful with background processes that do not self-terminate, as you may no longer be able to 'kill' these processes.