bwLehrpool - Information for lecturers

BwLehrpool offers lecturers at universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg the opportunity to quickly, easily, and independently create personalized learning environments for students.

If you require specific programs for your teaching sessions or wish to provide other materials not available through the centrally administered course environments, you have the option to create your own event for your courses. Based on virtual machines provided as templates, lecturers can customize the environment to meet the needs of their teaching. Once created and uploaded, they are immediately available to students on any pool computer or remotely.

BwLehrpool for e-exams

At the moment, we are in the testing phase for conducting e-exams in computer pools. These e-exams can either completely block internet access or permit access to selected services and software. This exam format is particularly suitable for practical examinations and events in which the imparting of software knowledge is also part of the curriculum.

Deadlines for Software Updates

Please report by February 28th for the upcoming summer semester or by July 31st for the upcoming winter semester if you wish to update previously installed software or require additional programs.

Software requirements

If you require software that is not yet licensed, KIM will be happy to assist you in procuring the necessary programs. Contact: