High-Performance Computing in BW

Access bwForCluster

bwForCluster Access

The computer system is available upon request to all scientists in Baden-Württemberg free of charge.

Access is made possible by the innovation project "Federal Identity Management Baden-Württemberg" (bwIDM), which is funded by the state. Remote resources are accessed from the "Heimat-lokalen" context using Shibboleth-based authentication and authorisation procedures.

Central Application Page for bwForCluster

The central request page (ZAS) is the web interface for processing resource requests and resource use extensions for bwForCluster. The requests are managed as computational projects. The application procedure provides for two groups:

  • Responsible persons/applicants and employees

and two modes:

  • Initial application (for 1 year) and extension (for another year)

Add Members to an Existing "Rechenvorhaben"

If new persons are added to an existing bwForCluster computational project, they still have to apply for an appropriate authorization (Entitlement) by filling out the form below and registering for the respective bwForCluster.

Registration bwForCluster

A VPN-connection is required for access to bwHPC resources.

Detailed Instructions for registration on the bwForCluster can be found in English on the bwHPC Wiki

After successfully applying for the bwForCluster Entitlement (see below), you will need to register and set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) with your University of Konstanz account.

Apply for bwForCluster Entitlement

To access the entilement form the registration with a university account is required.