Open Access Books

Monographs, Anthologies, Contributions to Anthologies

Open access charges for monographs, anthologies and contributions to anthologies can be funded via the KIM's publication fund up to a maximum of

  • 6,000 € for monographs or anthologies
  • 2,000 € for dissertations ("magna cum laude" or higher), 5,000 € if written as part of a DFG project
  • 2,000 €  for contributions to anthologies
  • 6.000 € for multiple contributions to one anthology (all amounts stated include VAT)

Funding only covers open access publication fees. Funding for printing or typesetting costs, surcharges for colours, volumes, etc. is not possible.

1. Who is eligible?

  • Authors of a monograph or contribution or editors of an anthology must be members of the University of Konstanz.
  • If co-authors are not employed by the University of Konstanz, there must be at least one co-author of equal standing from the University of Konstanz.

2. What is eligible?

  • Previously unpublished scientific publications
  • Publications under a free license, preferably Creative Commons Attribution CC BY (all parts of the funded work must be freely available to all users worldwide on a permanent basis).
  • Pulications with a publisher who is listed in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) or is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA).

3. How to apply for funding

  • If the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, please contact us by e-mail or phone to discuss further details.
  • The OA publication fees charged by the publisher must be based on a transparent, comprehensible calculation.

4. After successful funding

  • You are welcome to include a funding note such as "This Open Access publication was supported by the Publication Fund of the University of Konstanz." in your publication.
  • All funded monographs and anthologies will be archived and made available online via the University of Konstanz institutional repository KOPS.

Team Open Science is happy to help should you have any questions about funding for open access books or would like advice in general.