Apple Mail

Setup and Configuration

Configure your email client

1. Select 'Other Mail-Account' and then 'Continue'

Enter your account credentials.

3. Please enter the servernames for incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mails.

Finish the configuration.

You can also modify the configuration of an existing account: Select 'Mail' -> 'Settings' -> 'Accounts'

Sync addresses

1. Please start your address book (“Contacts”), go the task bar and select “Preferences”:

2. Click on “Accounts”, followed by the “+” symbol in the lower left hand corner to add a new account:

3. For the account type, select “Other contact account”:

4. The account type should be set to “CardDAV”. Please enter your user name (the first part of your university email address, i.e. firstname.lastname) and your email password. Enter in the “Sever address” field, then click on “Create”:

5. Done! The account directory should now show the SOGo account:

Please close the options window and restart your “Contacts”. Click on “All” in the left-hand column to view your SOGo contacts. If you add new contacts, these will also be added in SOGo.