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Guest accounts at the University of Konstanz

Request a new guest account or an extension of an existing one online. Guest accounts are available for guests at your university chair or other institution, for staff who do not have a regular job contract and for external staff.

Please note:

You may only request a guest account using our online form.

Who may request a guest account?

Only university institutions and university professors may request a guest account. This is why the form is only available for university employees. Please log in at the top right (My University) using your user name and password to access the form.

What information do we need you to provide?

We need the name of the person who will be using the account. In addition, please tell us which professor and department he or she works for, how long he/she will be staying and some other information about this person’s status. Each account is only valid for a set period of time.  Please confirm that this account is being requested in compliance with the regulations for accounts used in research and teaching. After you have submitted the necessary information, we will process your request quickly and inform you via email.

Extending a guest account

In order to extend the validity of a guest account, you can use a shorter version of the form since we already have most of the required information.

ILIAS users

If you are an external lecturer who only needs access to our e-learning platform ILIAS, please contact the ILIAS support team.