Linux Email Client

1. Start the setup by selecting 'Files'->'New'->'Mail-Account', then click on 'Continue'.

2. Just click on 'Continue', we don't want to restore the configuration from a file...

3. Please enter your  full name and email address ...

4. Now we configure the IMAP-settings for recieving mail: Please select as server-type 'IMAP' and enter its name: imap.uni-konstanz.de. Select Port 143 and Encryption method STARTLS after connecting, then enter your username (firstname.lastname).

5. Keep the settings or adjust them to your needs:

6. Here we configure the server for outgoing mai: Select 'SMTP' as type and enter the name of the server: 'smtp.uni-konstanz.de'. Select Port 587 and check 'Server requires authentification', encryption-settings are 'STARTTLS acter connecting'. Again, enter your username (firstname.lastname).

7. Here you see an overview of the selectet settings, to store them enter a name, e.g. 'Uni Konstanz'.

8. When you'll contact the mailserver for the first time, you'll be asked for the password. After entering it, check 'Remember the Password'.

9. The same applies for the first time sending a mail...