Study spaces and other tools

Study and work spaces at the University

Study Spaces in the Library

Studying in the Library

The library is open 24/7. There are 1700 study spaces available.

Study Islands in the Information Centre

The study islands in the information centre are available for active participation in online lectures and seminars. You can also take part in lectures in the library book areas for listening only, please ensure that you do not disturb other library users.


Barrier-free library

The Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) offers services in the area of "barrier-free library" and is happy to support you. You can find all relevant information here.

Computer workstation

You can use our public computers with your account:

  • students / employees: with your personal university (e-mail) account + password
  • external users: with library card number + library password

You only see your own user profile and the programs you are allowed to access.

Working placelocation
Single workstation with computerin all book areas
Computer rooms

Book area BS:
BS 217
BS 522 (Teaching Lab)

Book area J: J 213

Book area BG: BG 335 (Orangerie)

only accessible if no course takes place.

Computerrooms of all faculties

List of all Computerpools

  • G 310
  • L 606
  • L 1201
  • M 739
  • P 745
  • V 203
  • Y 326
List of programs


The Mediothek offers:

  • films
  • 2 film rooms with different players
  • material  for learning foreign languages
  • workstations with special technical equipment, including a "workstation for video editing, image, audio and text processing" and a "workstation with enlargement software including voice output and Braille line control" for blind and visually impaired persons
  • Rara-reading room for non-lendable interlibrary loans and old valuable books
  • Scanners
  • and various more

Please inform yourself about the services of the Mediothek.

Media Lab

The Media Lab is a room with special technical equipment. You can rent it for seminars that require special technical equipment. Depending on the equipment, the room is suitable for up to 8 people.
If you are interested in using this room for teaching purposes, please contact the colleagues in the Mediothek:
E-mail  or telephone: +49 7531 88-2831.

Teaching Lab

The Teaching Lab is  a room that teachers can use for flexible teaching settings.


  • Touch display (mobile)
  • Computer for the Lecturer, alternatively: connection options for laptop (HDMI, VGA, Mini Displayport)
  • Bluetooth keyboard and presenter
  • flexible furnishing (tables and chairs)
  • Mobile Classroom with 12 laptops (Windows 10)

You will receive the key for the room and the "mobile classroom" from the lending service at the Informaton Center.
Bookings can be made at the KIM-Services or about "Bookable rooms".


The KIM.VideoLAB offers students, teachers and staff various services for the realization of their video projects.


In the Information Center you will find a library café, which is operated by Seezeit. Only in this area it is allowed to eat and drink a cup of coffee.

Lockers and book trolleys

Lockers inside the library

  • The loan starts in the first lecture week of a semster by "KIM-Beratung".
  • Loan period:  1 semester
  • Cost: 10.00 euros
  • Locations of the lockers: Book area BS 4, in the Information Center next to the Library Café and book section N6

What do you keep in the locker?

  • Your personal property
  • Library material borrowed on your student card

If you break the rules, you have to return the locker.

Alternatively, the University provide other lockers on A 6 gallery in the main entrance area of the University. These lockers can be booked online.

Lockable book trolleys

Lending via the "KIM-Beratung" to:

  • students with handicaps
  • doctoral students
  • guest professors

The conditions:

  • Loan period: 6 months with the option of an extension
  • Cost: 10.00 euros

What do you keep in the locker?

  • Your personal property
  • Library material borrowed on your student card.

If you break the rules, you have to return the lockable trolley.

Devices and media technology

Lending of devices and media technology

KIM provides students and teachers with borrowable devices and media technology.

Print, copy, scan

Everything for printing, copying and scanning on Canon's multifunction devices can be found here.

Telephone and communication services

Information regarding new installations, conference calls, requests for changes and malfunctions regarding telephone and communication services can be found here.

Bookings and booking accounts

Org-ID Umrechner

After converting the key numbers for organizational units (Org-ID) you can use the converter to display the corresponding currently valid organizational ID of your area of responsibility.