Print, copy, scan

Scope of supply of the multifunctional devices

  • Copies and printouts in DIN A4 and DIN A3 format
  • colour and black-and-white printing on all devices
  • Double-sided scanning for USB and mail delivery
  • Stapling, OCR and Mail2print
  • each machine has at least 1 paper tray with perforated paper

Operation of the multifunctional devices

Selection Menu

Secure print
here you can find your print jobs and see how much credit is left on your card.
here copies can be made via the feeder or via the print run.
Scanning and sending
in this window you can send documents to your own Uni-Mail address by pressing the "Scan2Mail" button.
Access to stored files
enables printing from a USB stick (PDF and JPG files)
Scanning and saving
here you can scan data and save them on a USB stick you have brought with you.


Printout from our public computing system

  • Select the preset printer "Canon-Printer" via the menu "File" / "Print".
  • Under "Properties" set special print options, for example under "Output options" / "Double-sided printing (long or short page)".
  • Click on "Print".
  • A window will appear in which you must enter your e-mail address (for personalized student cards) or your copy card number (for guest cards).
  • You can download the print from any Canon device.

Mobile printing

From your university mail acount send an e-mail to "" and attach the file. If you use an other e-mail provider enter firstname.surname or copy card numer in the subject line.

After about 10 minutes you can pick up the print jobs as usual at any public Canon copier at the university.

Printing from your own laptop

Prerequisite: The correct printer driver must be installed.
All information can be found on the Canon website (only accessible within the university).

Print files directly on the printer

PDF files and JPG files can be printed directly from the USB stick on the Canon device.
All other files must be sent from a computer to the printer.


How to copy

  • The copiers are equipped with DIN A4 and DIN A3 paper.
  • Place the copy card on the card reader.
  • Make the desired settings, e.g. double-sided, enlarge / reduce.
  • Press the green start button.
  • Before leaving the device, close the account by pressing the "ID Log In/Out" button or by placing the card on the device again!


 How to scan

  • free of charge
  • depending on template colored or black and white
  • Save the files on your own USB stick or
  • Send to the university's own e-mail address (only possible with UniCard or personalized copy cards)
  • Possible formats: PDF, TIFF/MTIFF, JPG

Special scanners in the library

  • Book scanner in the media library
  • Flatbed scanner in the media library incl. image processing software (max. DIN A4)
  • microfilm scanner
  • You can obtain a slide scanner from the Media Library staff. You can use it on a PC in the media library.

Copy Cards

You need one of the following copy cards, which you can reload again:


  • Handover of UniCard: SSZ
  • Create a copy account through a one-time link to the university's e-mail account

Personalized copy card

  • Handover of Card: Canon-Service (Room: L 503)
  • unique link to the e-mail account of the university

Guest copy card

  • Handover of card:  B 457 (Info center basement) and Canon Service Center (Room: L 503)
  • Costs: 3 Euro deposit + 2 Euro credit balance

Top-up stations for copy cards

  • B 457 (Info center basement)
  • N 6
  • J 4
  • Canon-Service (Room: L 503)

Locations of devices

  • Info center basement
  • BS 3 und BS 521
  • BG 3
  • N 6
  • Buchbereich J (copy rooms on all floors J 2 - J 6)

Prices per copy / printout Cent

Service Price 2016 - 2021 Cent
A4 Simplex black-white 4,7
A4 Duplex black-white 6,1
A4 Simplex colored 6,4
A4 Duplex colored 8,3
A3 Simplex black-white 7,5
A3 Duplex black-white 15
A3 Simplex colored 10,3
A3 Duplex colored 20,8
Scans A4 / A3 free of charge