Conference WLAN/Wi-Fi

For participants of conferences and other events, KIM offers temporary network access. The “conference” network is available across the university. For your event, we create an individual user profile with a user name and password.

This offer is available for university events.

The maximum number of participants is 50. We will contact you if the number of participants exceeds 50.

For events that take place off-campus, use eduroamToGo. EduroamToGo allows you to set up the Eduroam Network at your location, the only requirement is internet access.

This is how you request a “conference” network.

Request your “conference network” at least one week beforehand  providing the following information:

  • Preferred user name (letters and numbers only)
  • Event time
  • Event location
  • Expected number of participants

Please make your request using this form.

This is how you can use “conference” WLAN/Wi-Fi

After we have set up the conference account, you will receive a confirmation email.

The new user profile for the conference is active starting at 0:01 the first day of your event. An extra email will confirm your WLAN/Wi-Fi connection has been activated. The set-up process is now complete.

To log on to “conference” WLAN/Wi-Fi, select the “conference” internet connection on your device and enter your user name and password.

Illustration of the login screen for the conference Wi-Fi


This service is free of charge.


Notes about network usage at the University of Konstanz

Users obligate themselves to only use the internet connection for legal activities. Illegal use is especially evident in cases where the internet access is used to infringe on the rights of others (i.e. copyrights), where illegal content is distributed or made accessible to others or where applications are used which disrupt the network’s functionality. Users are not allowed to pass their WLAN/Wi-Fi access information on to others. The University of Konstanz’s Network Utilisation Regulations (NUR) apply. Link to the Network Utilisation Regulations (NUR):