Using eduroam on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) device

  1. Connect to the HotSpot kim-support near the helpdesk in the library
  2. Open your Safari-Webbrowser
  3. Enter the URL and tap on the blue button (‘Klicken Sie hier, um Ihr eduroam Installationsprogramm herunterzuladen’)
  4. Scoll to the bottom of the page and enter Konstanz in the search field. In the updated list of universities above, select Universitität Konstanz
  5. Tap on the blue button (‘Apple iOS mobile devices’). Tap on Allow (‘Zulassen’) when asked to load the configuration profile. Then tap on Close (‘Schliessen’)
  6. On your device, open the Settings (‚Einstellungen‘), select General (‚Allgemein‘) and tap on Profiles (‚Profile‘). There, tap on eduroam and then on Install (‚Installieren‘).
  7. Enter the unlock-PIN of your device, then tap on Install (‚Installieren‘)
  8. Then, when asked for your username,

    enter your full Email-Address, like
  9. Enter your Password and then on Finish (‘Fertig’)
  10. Everything is configured now. In the list of available Networks on your device, select ‚eduroam
  11. Be happy… ;-)

Eduroam for iOS