Using eduroam on your GNU/Linux device

Configure your 'eduroam'-WiFi-access with the CAT-Tool of the German Research Network (DFN):

The CAT-Tool is a directly executable Python-Script with your standard user-privilleges.

In the terminal:


Confirm the requests and enter, when asked for your username, your full email-adress ( and your password.

The configuration assistent will create a configuration file for wpa_supplicant, if the network manager isn't installed. You can use this to connect to eduroam without a network manager. For further information about wpa_supplicant please refer to you distribution's documentation.

If the network manager is installed and you still only get the configuration file for wpa_supplicant, check if the package "python-dbus" or "python3-dbus" is installed. If not, please install it.

Additional Information

If you have problems with the configuration oder if you need additional information for network-access, please contact our support: