When do I use which storage service?

I want to easily store, share and synchronize data on different devices!
I am an employee and need versioning, full text search and collaborative work options for documents!
For large amounts of data I need a network drive on which I can grant access to other members of the university!

Further information on the individual services


  • Store and share data with internal and external users
  • Synchronization of data on different mobile devices
  • Collaborative work in a protected environment
  • Access via web browser or client
  • Suitable for administrate manageable amounts of data (for larger amounts of data, the file server is recommended)
  • Documents edited offline are synchronized the next time they are connected
  • Physical storage of the data on the Konstanz campus

To the Cloud

Dokumentenmanagement-System (Alfresco)

  • Currently only available for employees of the University of Konstanz
  • Full text search on document stocks
  • Versioning: a new version is created for each revision of a document, previous versions are retained.
  • Working in groups: locking mechanism and comment function enable smooth cooperation on document stocks in groups.
  • Web: Documents can be published on the Web with or without authentication. The URL automatically points to the most recent version, so that the website does not need to be changed for new document versions.
  • Folder rules and smartfolders: Frequent searches can be displayed as a separate virtual folder ("Smartfolder"), events in folders can be automatically linked to processes.
  • Physical storage of data on the Konstanz campus

To the Dokumentmanagement-System


  • only for members of the University of Konstanz
  • Storage of large amounts of data possible
  • Possibility of setting up storage space for groups
  • Integration of the personal drive in bwLehrpool
  • Physical storage of data on the Konstanz campus

To the Fileserver


  •     Offer for students and employees of the state of Baden-Württemberg
  •     Saving and sharing data
  •     Synchronization of data from different mobile devices
  •     Data access via web browser or Sync&Share clients
  •     Physical storage of the data at KIT in Karlsruhe

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