Semester reserve

Lecturers can set up a semester reserve with the most relevant literature.

  • Location: BH 300 (Access about Book Section BG 3
    semester reserve for scientific literature: N 6
  •  List alphabetically according to the name of the teacher, sorted by keywords of the individual lectures.
  • The loan period is determined by the teacher and is indicated in the book: two days or "no loan"
  • If a medium is sub-loaned from a semester reserve, no request for return will be sent, and if it is not returned on time, high exceeding costs will be charged.
  • Under certain circumstances, the teacher can approve a special loan of up to two weeks from his own semester reserve.  You can obtain the corresponding form, which must be submitted to the lecturer for signature, as well as the short loan from the KIM counselling service.

Information for Lecturers:

You need a number for your semester reserve. Please contact the office of semester reserve.

You may borrow materials from your own semester reserve for lecture preparation for a maximum of 2 weeks. For a short loan, please contact KIM-Beratung.

There also exist an "electronic semester reserve", named ILIAS, our E-Learning-platform.