To check out books and other media you need a library card:

  • for students it is the UniCard
  • staff members use their employee identity card
  • external users get an external user card

You  need a password with the library card

  • to reserve media that is currently checked-out.
  • to order media through interlibrary loan.
  • to get access to your library account.
  • to log into the public computers.

Your PIN number

  • is also required to use the self check-out service.
  • can be created using your library account.

Library card and password for:


Student ID card = Library card

University account password (Email password) = Library account password

Doctoral students

Doctoral students at the University of Konstanz can obtain a special employee ID card from lending services (Ausleihservice).

This allows you:

  • to order via the in-house document delivery service KonDoc
  • to use interlibrary loan and SUBITO services free of charge. The costs are covered by the university.

Please submit the following documents:

  • current doctoral confirmation
  • identity card or student card

University staff

Staff ID card (03/...) = Library card
You will receive a library account password from the lending service in the Library Information Centre. Special library cards are available for professors and staff. Both are available at the lending service desk.

Reserve shelf for staff members (17/...)

  • borrow media to use in your office
  • unlimited loan period
  • limited amount of media
  • Upon request, the media item must be made available to other users for one week.

Team card

  • an additional card for your own library account that can be passed on to others. It enables employees, e.g. from a working group, to deal with library matters without having to hand over their own staff card.
  • The password and PIN correspond to those of the staff ID card.

Basic funding resources for C4 and W3 professors (13/...), (19/...)

  • KIM library services are responsible for the acquisition of books and media.
  • Once acquired, the media can be picked up at the lending service desk.

Semester reserve shelves (15/...)

External users

 You can receive an external ID card for the library, if you

  • are at least 14 years old (persons under the age of 18 require a declaration of consent from their parents)
  • are a resident of a country in the European Union or of Switzerland.

Library card fees:

  • Yearly fee: 30 euros
  • Monthly fee: 10 euros
  • Single loan fee (the library card is free, you pay instead per loan of a media item): 3 euros

The following individuals are exempted from fees:

  • Pupils (proof via pupil ID card)
  • Students from other universities (proof via student ID card)
  • Trainees / apprentices (documentation required)
  • Recipients of unemployment benefits I and II or income assistance or other similar social benefits.
  • Members of the University of Konstanz Alumni Association (VEUK e.V.) (VEUK)
  • Other persons who are closely associated with the university (guest lecturers, guest auditors, research fellows, members of the Internationale Bodenseehochschule(IBH), as well as retired staff members of the University of Konstanz.

You will need to have the following documents:

  • Personal ID card or passport with your “Meldebestätigung” (registration of residence) - which documents your exact address
  • If you are under the age of 18: Declaration of consent from a legal guardian
  • If applicable, the student ID card or proof of traineeship / apprenticeship, alumni membership, receiving social assistance, etc.

Important: the library card is only available for pick-up at the lending service counter.

Sign up for a reading pass online via the local catalogue.

If you would like to reserve borrowed media before your first visit to the library, apply online for a library card. Once you have registered, we will send you an e-mail with a temporary ID number and password that you can use to make reservation. When you pick up the media provided for you, the final identity card will be issued for you personally.