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Malware is a type of computer programme with (from the user’s point of view) undesirable and potentially damaging functions. It is the term for a category that includes both computer viruses and Trojan horses.

Protection from malware

The Windows Defender programme comes pre-installed in all current versions of Windows. Follow this link to see which settings you should change.

In addition, KIM also offers all university members a free version of Sophos Endpoint Security (download Sophos).


Actively search for infections with malware

Unfortunately, no scanner can recognize every infection with malware. This is especially difficult in cases where the system has already become infected (without the user’s knowledge), since malware can hide in an infected system and make it difficult to recognize. For this reason, we recommend regularly using a scanner that is not part of the usual operating system to search for infections with malware. Please also do so if you suspect your system may be infected. Using “rescue disks”, you can boot a separate operating system with its own scanner from a CD/DVD.

You can either pick up a rescue disk from the KIM IT support desk or have your system scanned there. Read our instructions for creating your own rescue disk, booting it and completing a scan.