Today’s web browsers are secure, however, standard settings can pose some risks – with regard to IT security but mostly in the area of user privacy.

The following recommendations can help you use websites in a way that is even more secure and anonymous.

The recommendations explain how to do so using the Mozilla Firefox browser as an example. Other browsers are similar, and even if you cannot implement all of the described measures in every browser, the topics mentioned still provide a useful checklist.


Version history

Authors: Christoph Becker (cb), Stefan Brütsch (sb)

Version Date Authors Comments
1.0 2017-02-21 cb, sb  
1.1 2017-07-20 cb Adjustment for ESR 52
1.2 2018-01-03 cb Content summarized and recommendation to use script blocker added
1.3 2019-10-11 cb Options for secure connections added
1.4 2020-03-03 cb Option to always show complete URLs added