macOS: How to set up VPN remote access

This page gives detailed instructions about how to set up a secure connection to the University of Konstanz network.


  • Full protection for your computer
  • Internet connection
  • University account

1. Download and install the eduVPN client

Download the eduVPN client from the App Store (link opens automatically when you click on it).

2. Accept the terms of use

The first time you open the eduVNP app, you must accept the displayed privacy statement by clicking on the corresponding button.

3. Add the eduVPN server

Open the eduVPN client and search for "Universität Konstanz". Select "Universität Konstanz" in the field "Institute Access" (please do not choose "Secure Internet Access", as this will result in an error message at the next step!).

4. Login

The Shibboleth login window will open in your browser.

Please enter your university login information ("firstname.lastname" without "" and password).

5. Approve use of the eduVPN client

After logging in via Shibboleth, you will need to approve use of the eduVPN client.

To give your approval, simply click on the corresponding blue box "Genehmigen". Afterwards, you can close the browser window.

6. Approve VPN connections in macOS

To connect to the university network, you have to allow the eduVPN client to add VPN configurations to your device.

When the respective message appears, click on the corresponding box "Allow".

    7. Connect via VPN

    To connect via VPN, open the eduVPN client and click on the server. If the connection is not established automatically, simply use the slider to connect manually.

    The slider will appear green once you are connected.

    8. End the connection

    1. To end the connection, please open the eduVPN client. It is displayed by default in the dock, and the icon will appear at the top of the menu bar.
    2. Use the slider to disconnect. It will appear grey afterwards to indicate that the connection has ended.