The statistics software SPSS can be obtained from the software sales point. Please send us an email to soft.kim@uni-konstanz.de.

The most important facts:

  • The license period runs from 01.10. - 30.09. of a year. The SPSS program continues to function for one month after the license period expires.
  • The KIM will receive new licenses via the University of Tübingen, which has signed the state contract for SPSS, in mid to late September.
  • The SPSS licences of the University of Konstanz can be used by members of the university as well as by students.
  • The SPSS licence costs 39 € per licence year (01.10-30.09.) since 01.07.2020.

The following products are included:

IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Campus Edition with the following product components:

Statistics Base, Advanced Statistics, Bootstrapping, Categories, Conjoint, Camplex Sampies, Custom Tables, Data Preparation, Decision Trees, Direct Marketing, Exact Tests, Forecasting, Missing Values, Neural Networks, Regression, Sampie Power, Viz Designer.

IBM SPSS Data Entry Premium Campus Edition includes:

Data Collection Data Entry Author, Data Collection Data Entry Interviewer, Data Collection Data Entry Survey Reporter, Data Collection Translation Utility, SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys.

IBM SPSS Amos Campus Edition

You can find further information here: SPSS Homepage

A description of essential components of SPSS can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPSS