KIM makes the hosting of wikis available to university members. This is made possible through the use of the free MediaWiki software.

How can wikis be useful to me?

Wiki-based websites are particularly useful for users who want to collaborate in collecting and documenting both experiences and knowledge. All authorized users can view and edit the wiki pages.

How can I set up a wiki?

Once the MediaWiki software package is installed, the wiki can be accessed via a web browser. Internal and external access can be configured: if the wiki is to be used by university members only, user authorization can be managed using centralized procedures. External users can be provided access via local user administration. If needed, various extensions can be installed to supplement the existing features, e.g. an extension to display formulas.

How can I learn more about wiki hosting?

Please contact KIM IT Support if you are interested in hosting a wiki or have questions about setting up or configuring a wiki.