KIM has acquired an EndNote software licence for the university campus. Researchers and students at the University of Konstanz can use this programme for study, teaching and research purposes at the university and at home.

Key Data

  • Authorised users: University of Konstanz students and employees
  • Operating systems: Windows, Macintosh (We offer advice exclusively for EndNote-Windows-User.)
  • Language: English
  • Version: Single workstation - desktop version
  • Can be combined with EndNoteWeb
  • Maximum database size: unlimited
  • Cite while you write: compiling is not necessary

More information

Download and installation of the programme

Please authenticate yourself with your employee or student ID number as well as your library password. The EndNote licence is effective until 31.01.2018; once you download the programme you are obligated to uninstall the software after this date.

Download the programme here (for Mac and Windows).

You can install EndNote on your computer with these installation files. Please follow the installation instructions included in the setup menu. Further information for installation and configuration of EndNote:


Installation of filter and connection files

In order to import data from the library catalogue of the University of Konstanz into EndNote, you must first install the KonstanzImport filter:

Download KonstanzImport.enf

Save the import filter in “filter” folder within the EndNote programme directory. The next time the EndNote programme is opened, it will include the import filter for our local catalogue in the list of all available import filters.

In order to research within the library catalogue via EndNote, you will require a connection file that you can download here:

Download KNUB.enz

Copy the KNUB.enz file into the programme directory (C:\Programme\Endnote\Connections). Please be aware that you will have to edit the data, e.g. the author information, once you have imported them. Alternatively, you may also create your own “connection file”. The current connection parameters are:

Server: ; Port: 9999 (new address since 30.05.2016)

Database: KON

We recommend UTF-8 as text coding (configuring as a picture).

Further filters can be downloaded using the following link:

OpenURL path for importing complete texts

In order to optimally use the import function, please enter the following OpenURL path in the EndNote menu under Edit - Preferences - Find Full Text:

Installing additional citation styles

EndNote provides access to approximately 500 citation styles. Additional citation styles can be found at

All in all, approximately 6000 citation styles are available for EndNote. These can be either downloaded individually or all at once.

Importing literature references from the local catalogue.

  • In order to import the literature references, they first have to be temporarily stored as a text file.
  • Within our local catalogue, please select the individual references that you would like to import into EndNote.
  • Next, click the button “Auswahl herunterladen” (“Download Selection”) at the bottom end of the hit list and then select “Bibliographisches Format” (“Bibliographic Format”).
  • You should now save the search results as a text file on the hard drive of your computer. Now switch to EndNote.
  • Via the menu option “File/Import”, you select the import options and the previously saved file.
  • Select the text file and the filter KonstanzImport.enf. EndNote will then incorporate the saved information.