Albert Salomon (8 December 1891 - 18 December 1966)

Born in Berlin, he studied theology, philosophy and sociology in Berlin (under Georg Simmel) as well as in Freiburg and Heidelberg. There Salomon belonged to a circle of friends which included Georg Lukács and Karl Mannheim. After gaining his doctor title in 1921, he worked at a bank in Berlin and in his father’s company. From 1926 he taught at the German Academy for Politics in Berlin as a professor of political sociology. At the same time he worked with Rudolf Hilferding as a publisher of “Gesellschaft”, the discussion platform of the Social Democratic Party. From 1930 he worked as a professor of sociology at the Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Cologne. After his dismissal in 1933, he immigrated to the USA and taught sociology and social philosophy at the New School in New York from 1935. Some of the central topics of his work include research in the sociology of intellectuals, of revolution movements, of literature and the forming of sociological thought in 18th and 19th century France. The predominant part of the academic estate is available in the original form in the Archive. Smaller parts, especially correspondence, are kept in the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. The acquisition, organisation and cataloguing of the estate was aided by the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation and the German Research Foundation.

Albert Salomon Papers