Terms of Use

§ 1

In principal the archive materials are open to the public. The rules and restrictions of access are assessed in the terms of use and the declaration of liability, included in the application of use. They serve to protect the archive material, to fulfil the discretion requirements of the contributors of inherited and original material, and the obvious academic respect for the partly intimate characteristics of the archive material’s content.

§ 2

The archive inventories are divided into two groups:

(a) those accessible only with the approval of the archive administration

(b) those accessible only with the approval of the archive administration and the contributor of inherited or original material.

Both groups first need the permission of the archive administration.

§ 3

Interested parties are to file an application of use; the necessary particulars are to be specified in detail. The archive administration will decide upon the permission of use. If necessary the archive administration will also verify to what extent the consent of the contributors of inherited or original material is needed for the intended assignments. In doing this, the applicant will receive as much support as is possible from the SAK. Upon signing the application of use, the applicant also agrees to the declaration of liability, which binds him or her to the mentioned regulations.

§ 4

In principal the use of archive material is only possible at the University of Konstanz. The shipment or loan of archive materials is not possible.

§ 5

The users must comply with the instructions of the archive administration (even in the case of exemption from the further use of archive material). The archive administration also appoints the location of use. The users must enter their full names in the register book of the SAK. The register book records the time and date of use, which archive material was viewed and what copies were made. These entries are to be differentiated according to the archive material groups mentioned in §2. The entries are monitored by the archive administration.

§ 6

The duplication of individual pieces is permitted if no obligations say otherwise. These rules apply for the research centre of the SAK accordingly.

§ 7

In the case of restricted archive material an application of holdback period reduction can be issued. For this purpose the archive material concerned, and its intended manner of application, are to be declared. In the case of archive material barred for personal data reasons, the user has to obtain the approval of the person concerned or his or her surviving dependant, which then may be presented as a declaration of consent.