Collection Profile

Social Science Archive Konstanz

The Social Science Archive Konstanz (SAK) is part of the Communication, Information, Media Center (KIM) of the University of Konstanz and is associated with the Department of History and Sociology. It is a collection point for Papers and materials of renowned social scientists, including those who were forced into emigration after 1933. It is an independent research institution of the University of Konstanz. At the center of the archive's research are studies on the history of ideas in sociology, the reworking of theoretical approaches, represented in the Archive, edition projects on the materials in the Archive, as well as systematic work on the sociology of knowledge and culture, phenomenologically oriented sociology, phenomenology, social theory, action theory, the history of sociology and emigration research. The Social Science Archive Konstanz is the Central Archive of the German Sociological Association (DGS). It is a research center and the leading archive for the transmission of documents dedicated to the phenomenological-sociological paradigm.

Collection profile of the SAK

  • Papers and materials of internationally renowned social scientists of
    • the phenomenological-sociological paradigm
    • the sociology of knowledge and culture
    • sociological theory
    • interpretative social research
    • pragmatism
    • the German post-war period
  • Papers and materials of renowned social scientists in the context of social scientific emigration after 1933
  • Collections on the German Sociological Association (DGS) – the Digital Archive of the DGS: files (mainly correspondences and protocols) of DGS committees and positions (executive board, council, sections, committees, general meetings, treasurer), membership files, documents on the “Deutsche Soziologentage” [German Sociologist Days] (1910-1992, since 1995 named “DGS-Kongress,” “Conference of the German Sociological Association”)