Dr Anush Yeghiazaryan

Personal Data

Anush Yeghiazaryan is an associated postdoctoral researcher at the Social Science Archive Konstanz. She is examining the meaning of the Vardan-myth for the Armenian identity.

Currently she is working on the projects "Love, Suffering and Freedom. A Sociological Perspective on the 18th century Armenian Poet Sayat-Nova" and"Thomas Luckmann: Sein Wirken an der Universität Konstanz" (working title, together with Prof. Dr. Pavel Kolář). Furthermore, she is currently conducting a study on the living situation of Ukrainian refugees in Konstanz together with Dr. Yeliena Kovalska (Kiev/Konstanz).

Get to her dissertation "Mythos und Identität. Zur Bedeutung des Vardan-Mythos für das Selbstverständnis armenischer Gemeinschaften".

Read a portrait about Anush Yeghiazaryan and her PhD-project at the uni'kon magazin on the pages 42-43.

Further Publications (selective)

Productive Tension between the Research Subject and the Researcher. Soon published in a Special Issue of Schutzian Research

Sensibilitäten der Forschung. Im Spannungsfeld von eigener Sozialisation, Forschungsgegenstand und Methode. Zur Forschungsposition in einer ethnografischen Studie zu Armenien und zur armenischen Diaspora (2022). Velbrück Verlag.

Saint Vardan’s Day in the Diaspora and the Republic of Armenia: Similarities and Differences. The Use of Art, Literature, and Language in Celebrations. (2021). In: Ross, Sarah M. & Randhofer, Regina: Armenian and Jewish Experience between Expulsion and Destruction. De Gruyter, 29-50.

"Collective Symbols in Periods of Transition. The Feast of Vardanants in Independent Armenia" (2013). Journal of Sociology: Bulletin of Yerevan University, 4(1), 62–71.

"The Armenians were the first to Adopt Christianity as the State Religion" - The Understanding of Statehood and Collective Symbolism in Armenia" (2013). In: Dobbins, Michael; Parsadanishvili, Mariam, eds. "Statehood, Religion, and Strategic Europeanization in the Southern Caucasus." Euxeinos - Culture and Governance in the Black Sea Region, no. 9 (2013), 22-26.

Research Interests

cultural sociology, symbol and ritual studies, qualitative social research methods, Armenia and diaspora studies