KIM chronicles

Construction of the library

The office for the construction of the library begins its work in 1965.

The library on the Giessberg

Provisional operations commence in the Giessberg library

The IT Service Centre

The IT Service Centre is founded in 1970.

Book area G

Book area G (humanities) opens in January 1973.

Book area S

Book area S (social sciences) opens in July/August 1976.

Book area N

Book area N (natural sciences) is opened on 14 December 1982.

Book area J

On 31 March 2003, the J extension opens and 35 kilometres worth of books are moved (until 9 May).

On 24 July 2003, book area J is officially inaugurated.

Foundation of KIM

Following the Rectorate’s decision from 16 January 2013, the Library, IT Service Centre and administrative IT come together as a single service provider, the “Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM)”.

Library reopening

Book area BS and the library information centre reopen after several years behind closed doors due to asbestos pollution and comprehensive renovation works.

Library chronicles

Since its foundation, the Library has collected important milestones in a series of chronicles.

These are sorted by year, starting with the most recent entries. Please note that, except for the entries listed under "2018 - 2016", this information is only available in German.

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