Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10

At 14 January 2020, Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended

KIM recommends upgrading to Windows 10 Enterprise. You can download the Windows 10 software as part of the MS license for your workstation computer.

Important notes on upgrading to Windows 10

  • Make a backup of all important and personal data before you upgrade!
  •  A new installation is better than an update, but after installing Windows 10, you'll need to reinstall and reconfigure all your programs.
  • After the installation, you should install the Antispy Tool "O&O ShutUp10" as Administrator. With this program you can easily configure Windows 10 in a privacy-friendly way.
  • Before you start the "O&O ShutUp10.exe" program, we recommend that you move the program to your desktop, then you will have the settings ready at all times.
  • For the safe use of Windows 10, please follow the instructions on the KIM's information security pages.

Installation and Configuration "O&O ShutUp 10"

1. After downloading the program, start the program by right clicking and selecting "Run as administrator".

2. After installation, the program starts and displays the settings in the form of red and green buttons. By clicking on "Aktion" a menu appears.

3. By clicking on the "Aktionen" button, a menu appears and you can select "Nur empfohlene Einstellungen anwenden". The recommended settings are then activated. Green means switched on and red is switched off.

4. Confirm this message with "OK". Optionally, you can first create a restore point via the control panel.

5. By clicking on an entry a short description appears.

6. By clicking on "Datei", you can save these settings and import them to another PC. Click on "Beenden".

7. Now you must quit the program by clicking on "Ja". Please note that after Windows updates the settings may be reset.

8. Click on "Windows neu starten".

If components, services etc. no longer work after the settings have been accepted, you can easily deactivate the corresponding switches again.