Students and staff members may use Sophos Anti-Virus free of charge.

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A Computer Virus is a self spreading computer programme which infects other computer programmes and reproduces itself by doing so. Classification as a virus refers to the way the virus code spreads and infects other programmes.

Once the virus programme is started, it may apply changes to the computer settings (e.g. to network connections, to the operating system or software) which cannot be undone by the user. Computer viruses may affect your computer's security, just as intended by the creator of the virus.

The term Computer Virus is commonly used as a catch-all phrase to also include other types of malware such as worms and trojans to make things easier for users.

Any virus can be removed. But inadequate countermeasures may cost a lot of time and often do more damage to a computer than the virus itself; therefore please let us help you with it. Viruses should not be underestimated. Viruses are potentially harmful: even if they seem harmless in the first place, viruses might cause unexpected damages in new environments (e.g. new programmes, the next version of the operating system or just on the next computer).


Many Viruses are programmed to first of all just spread and generally act inconspiciously, to prevent detection. But, in some cases a virus infection can be detected by certain symptoms and damages:

  • Data or file destruction by replacement, deletion or overwriting of content
  • Destroyed data by formatting of volumes
  • Change of keyboard inputs
  • Harmless but annoying screen animations
  • Waste of disc space by writing huge files on volumes
  • Affection of system performance by background processes and therefore higher memory and processor usage
  • Prevention of programme execution
  • Spying of private data, e.g. passwords
  • Remote control of your computer
  • Frequent false security alert pop-ups

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