The University of Konstanz established a publication fund in 2009 in order to support open access publishing financially. The fund is managed by the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM). The funds reimburses publication and/or article processing charges for publishing in open access journals. You may also apply for funding, e.g. to publish open access monographs, articles in anthologies or to change subscription journals to open access journals.

Requirements for having publication fees for journal articles reimbursed

(in accordance with DFG guidelines)

  • The article must be published in a “true” open access journal with peer review. “True” open access journals provide all content in full-text and at the time of publication free of charge for internet users.
  • The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists the journal.
  • University of Konstanz members who are either a “submitting author” or a “corresponding author” are responsible for paying fees.
  • Publication fees of up to 2,000 euros per article will be fully reimbursed.
  • Publication fees of more than 2,000 euros will first need to be paid by the authors themselves. A reimbursement of 2,000 euros can then be requested via an internal request.

The main source for this funding comes from the University of Konstanz’s participation in the “Open-Access Publishing Programme” of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The programme provides funds to cover publication and/or article processing charges for publishing in open access journals.

  • Feel free to contact us if you are an author and would like to find out more about financial support options.
  • If you are planning an open access publication, we will be happy to advise you on which alternatives we can support financially.
  • If you have already submitted or published a publication, we can clarify which costs we cover.
  • If we have agreed to provide funding, simply send us your bill (addressed to you) with the relevant publication details (author, title, journal, publisher) so we may settle it.
  • Bills for publishing with the open access publishers “BioMedCentral” and “Frontiers” should be sent directly to KIM (and not to the authors). The University of Konstanz receives a membership discount from these publishers.