What is KOPS?

KOPS is the University of Konstanz’s institutional repository and a KIM service.

As a researcher at the university, you can publish your publications online on KOPS. The documents are permanently archived and users around the world have free, open access to them. Since 2008, KOPS has also served as a university bibliography and thus provides data for university reporting purposes.

Which services does KOPS offer?

  • All published full-texts can be cited using permanent, stable links (URIs).
  • KOPS has been optimised for usage by the most common search engines, including Google Scholar.
  • Researchers can directly insert publication lists from KOPS into their personal web pages on the University of Konstanz website.
  • KOPS publications are automatically visible on the SciKon research platform.
  • The publication information can also be downloaded, for example, to be used with reference management software.

How can you use KOPS?

  • You can upload publications directly using the KOPS “Submit” function.
  • Our KOPS team will be happy to assist you with uploading your publications.

You can find additional information on the KOPS website.