Clicker and their lending conditions


Clickers are small, handy transmitters that allow students to answer questions in courses quickly and anonymously. In cooperation with the University Didactics Department, a total of 200 VoteWorks Interact devices were purchased for teaching at the University of Constance. These are available in sets of 100.

What can clickers do?

The most common application for these small hand-held transmitters is peer instruction, i.e. the participation of students (peers) in the teaching and learning process (instruction) in an event. Not the passive consumption of the learning content, but the integration and participation in active phases are a decisive factor.

Teachers ask a question and ask their students to answer it with the help of their clickers. Depending on the question posed by the lecturer, it can happen that several answers are chosen with roughly the same frequency. This is the starting point for the lecturers, because the answers appear on the lecturer's notebook in a matter of seconds via the recipient - visible to the students e.g. via a beamer projection.

Where can I borrow the clickers?

Our "Clicker" sets can be borrowed from Monday to Friday between 09.00 am and 17.00 pm in room BA433 (support desk in the library). If you have technical questions in advance, you can ask them directly to Support. If you have any didactic questions, please feel free to contact the University Didactics Department.

How can I borrow the clickers?

Please scroll down on this page. There you will find the booking form and instructions on how to use the booking overview.

Which software do I need?

You need a Windows installation with an MS-Office. On Apple Macs you need a VirtualBox or a Parallels instance.
Installation files

The software is added as an add-in to MS Powerpoint.

Important: The add-in only works with MS-Office as a 32-bit version.

Booking overview with Sogo (only in german)