The "Mediothek" offers a variety of media, especially in the non-book area, as well as suitable players  and computers. You will also find various scanners, film rooms, a rare book reading room, a Media Lab and you will get assistance with all services of the Mediothek.

The media can be identified by the location code 6 at the beginning of the call number.


Films and film rooms

  • There are several thousand films in the Mediothek, including literary

    films, feature films, documentaries, animated films and many more.

  • To

    view films, there are two film rooms with large displays in which

    players for BluRays, DVDs and VHS are available. It is also possible to

    connect your own devices (connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA). The

    rooms can be reserved via the KIM-Beratung in the Info Centre or at the

    counter of the Mediotheks.

Language teaching materials, music and other media

    • Language teaching material in numerous languages support language acquisition.
    • A comfortable sofa invites you to relax and listen to music. We also have playback equipment for all the sound storage medium available in the library.
    • Especially newspaper articles, but also other contents are offered on microfilms or microfiches. A scanner with special software allows you to further process the content.

    Workstations with special technical equipment

    Workstation for video editing, image, audio and text editing, equipped with Adobe Creative Suite 6:

    • Video editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Image editing: Adobe Photoshop
    • Audio editing: Adobe Audition
    • Text editing: Adobe Acrobat Pro
    • instruction manual (only in german)
    • Introduction by arrangement:
    • In addition, the "KIM.VideoLAB" is available to support teaching in relation to film and video projects (services for students, teachers and employees of the university).

    Multimedia PC:

    • special software and databases
    • DVD drive
    • external USB multi-card reader for lending at the counter in the media library
    • external USB floppy disk drive for borrowing at the counter in the media library

    Combined workstation for all persons who need a high enlargement of texts etc., are visually impaired or blind:

    • easy magnification of printed volumes (screen reader)
    • Enlargment of electronic documents or websites (PC with magnification software incl. voice output and Braille line control)
    • More information on the page "Accessible Library".


    • Book scanner (up to DIN A2) with OCR text recognition option
    • Flatbed scanners (up to DIN A4) with OCR text recognition software (incl. the possibility to scan fracture script and convert it into Latin script)
    • Scanner for microfilms and microfiches incl. comfortable software
    • Scanner for slides: The software for the slide scanner is installed on the PC with the A4 scanner.  The slide scanner is available in the media library at the counter.

    All scanners can be stored on a USB stick and the public drive (groupshare).

    Rare book reading room

    The rare book reading room offers four workstations for viewing various materials worthy of protection as well as interlibrary loans and magazines that cannot be borrowed. A copier and various scanners are available.

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm.
    Limited opening hours in August / September.

    Media Lab

    The Media Lab is a room in the Mediothek that teachers can use for seminars that require special technical equipment. Depending on the equipment, the room is suitable for up to 8 people.
    If you are interested in using this room for teaching purposes, please contact the colleagues in the Mediothek:
    E-mail or telephone: +49 7531 88-2831.

    "Juristenschrank" (Lawyers safe)

    During student research projects time or during examination seminars, especially in law, there may be bottlenecks in particularly important literature.
    Teachers have the opportunity to deposit books in the so-called "Juristenschrank". To do this, please contact the legal specialist  in good time.

    Conditions of use:

    • One book at a time can be borrowed for two hours on deposit of an Uni-Card.
    • Loose-leaf works and journal volumes can only be used in the rare books reading room.
    • A photocopier and various scanners are available.

    Online query of "Juristenschrank"

    The modalities can be adapted by the teacher.

    The material is handed out at the counter in the Mediothek.

    Search for specific media types

    The literature search engine KonSearch offers literature in electronic and printed form as well as a restriction to certain media types.

    Loan conditions:

    The media that can be borrowed are borrowed via the self lending stations.
    For copyright reasons, programmes recorded by us on television may only be lent to members of the University of Konstanz (students and staff). These recordings are marked accordingly on the film cover.

    Offer for teachers:

    • Upon request, we will be happy to record television programmes on DVD for you. Please let us know your wishes in good time before the programme begins (list of subject librarians).
    • DVDs and videos can also be borrowed in semester or handsets.