Borrow a device / media equipment

KIM lends out various devices to students and lecturers. You can collect your device from the following locations:

Media room (V 519)
12 beamers
2 small projector screens (1,20 x 0,90m)
1 large projector screen (2,40 x 1,80m)
2 recording devices
2 hand-held microphones
2 camcorders, mini DV
1 DVD player
1 portable CD player
2 mobile loudspeakers
4 camera tripods
1 microphone-recording device
1 mixing console with 4 loudspeakers on stands
KIM Library and IT Support
13 notebooks
10 iPads
Terms of Use are available in German and English (PDF)
Available for collection Mon - Fri from 9:00 - 16:00
Notebooks for lecturers
KIM Library and IT Support
Presentation remote controls/pointers for lecturers
Various adapters (Apple) for beamers
Mobile Classroom

Beamers and laptops

Most lecture halls and seminar rooms are equipped with beamers or will be getting them soon. Mobile beamers can be borrowed from media equipment services.

If you need instructions on how to use beamers in lecture halls across the university, please use these compact instructions:

Audimax and lecture halls in building A (in German)

Audimax and lecture halls in building A (in English)

Epson controls

M629 (in German)

M629 (in English)

Neets controls (in German)

Neets controls (in English)

PZ building

The foyer beamer

It is only possible to use a beamer and projection screen in the entrance area/foyer in combination with either setting up a stand there or by using the entire foyer. Please book both items with our room reservation team.

Make an email request by contacting room reservations.

Contact: Christine Hilber, phone: +49 7531 88 -2159

The presentation must be sent to Event and Conference Management at least three days before the planned event, in order for the team to approve it and pass it on to the media equipment team.

Contact: Elke Lauffer, phone: +49 7531 88 -4929

If you require additional or special equipment, please take a look at the following event equipment suppliers.

Conference phone

To set up a conference phone (e.g. for the information counter on A6), please consult with Bruno Nutz (phone: -3500) or Friedrich Ströbele (phone: -4021) or send an email to

Please refer to our directory of interpretersas needed.