Server Housing at the University of Konstanz

What is Server Housing?

Server housing at the University of Konstanz is a service offered by the KIM in close cooperation with the technical departments of the FM team. The service can be used by all chairs, institutes and working groups (hereinafter referred to as users) of the University of Konstanz.

This includes:

  • Air-conditioned server rooms
  • Space in a 19" server rack measured in units
  • Access to the internet (fast ethernet, 1GBit/s or 10 GBit/s)
  • UPS-secured power supply in the rack

If you are planning to use our server housing, we recommend you contact us before purchasing any equipment.

Registering for Server Housing

The application for server housing is done via an e-mail to .

You will need to provide the following information in your application:

  • Time for an on-site appointment (preliminary meeting, information, introduction and use agreement)
  • Number of servers and rack units as well as power consumption
  • Proposed date for delivery/installation
  • Network requirements (IP address and subnets)

Once you have successfully registered, we will arrange a date with you to plan the installation of your equipment.

Physical Access to the Rooms

The server rooms are locked.

Access is only possible with a transponder and smart key.

(Refer to closure and access regulations )

Alternatively you can arrange an on-site appointment with us.

Cancelling Server Housing

You can cancel your server housing by contacting .

If you no longer need your equipment, you can find the necessary steps to dispose of it on this page: