KIM virtual servers

KIM provides virtual VMware-based servers. The servers use the most current Windows- and Linux-based operating systems.

----- Please log in at the top right (My University) using your user name and password to request, change or delete a virtual machine.  -----

Request a new virtual machine

Change an existing virtual machine

Delete a virtual machine

How to use the virtual servers

Once you have requested a virtual server, you will be given access to the VMware management system (vCenter).

You can access the vCenter using the following link:

Simply log in with your university account (firstname.lastname) and password. You will need to install the VMware Remote Console (VMRC) in order to use the vCenter to access your virtual machine. Select your operating system from those listed in the blue box to install the software on your computer. Now use the vCenter to select a virtual machine from the folder. Select “start remote console”/”Remote Console starten” in the window at the right. 


The annual cost of a virtual machine is based on the following prices:

- RAM memory:    1 GB      € 45.00

- CPU:                 1 CPU     € 45.00

- Disk space:      100 GB     € 60,00

You will be billed annually.

vCenter system maintenance

System maintenance for the vCenter VMware is scheduled every Friday from 12:00 – 13:00. 

During this period, you may lose your connection to the virtualization management systems. The virtual machines will, however, continue to work as usual.

Back-ups and restoring content

Since back-ups of the virtual machines are made on a daily basis, we are able to restore versions of the virtual machines that are up to 30 days old. The back-up includes the entire virtual machine as well as all of its virtual hard drives. We can quickly restore the virtual machine if, for example, operating system files get deleted accidentally, the file system is damaged or updates are unsuccessful. This is because we make back-ups of the entire virtual machine.

If you need something restored, please send an email to