CMS for your Webpage

Why a Content Managment System?

If you are responsible for a website, you may have encountered the frequently occuring problems first-hand, and we know about these problems from our support. Questions like, who is able to read and write HTML or PHP arise. Often a required change on the website cannot be carried out quickly and you are dependent on your student assistants and face the problem - caused by the naturally high fluctuation of website student assistants - that nobody is well versed with your website anymore. In addition, there are always security problems and dangers caused by hacking - is your website protected?

A CMS deals with all of the above mentioned problems. The system takes care of programming and design. The only thing you have to do is fill in content, like you would with any word processing software. The CSM then combines content and design to a ready-to-use website, and you no longer have to struggle with the programming nor worry about security issues and updates. You can concentrate on what makes a website a good website: Good content.

Which Content Managment System?

We have decided in favour of TYPO3. It is an Open Source system which has been on the market since 1998 and is constantly updated. We are currently running version 4.2. The long development time guarantees a stable and secure operation. The system is based on CMS and persuades with its flexible and extensive upgradability. Another advantage is the community which has formed around the system.

What is the Content Managment System's capability?

Of course our CMS is capable of placing any common content on a website. With a easy-to-use text editor you can write and format texts, as you would with your word processing software. You can insert and arrange images with a single click, as well as tables or generated lists. You can change image size and text alignment or display images in layots with several columns. By using the standard tools you can already carry out 95% of all work that needs to be done when making a website.

But the CMS is capable of more - some of the many further features are: Blogging with all features known from Web 2.0. Creating and publishing event calenders. Generating contact or application forms with only a few clicks. Changing the colour of your website. Creating a Sitemap and providing RSS feeds for your visitors.

Of course you also can create multilingual websites with TYPO3. The managment of different localisations is very simple and you can easily provide individual content for different languages. Individuality continues with the login based on the uni account. For different user groups (e.g. students or staff members) individual content can be displayed. And you can decide if some or all content is only accessible from the university's intranet.

The system is able to distinguish between different users which can be given individual rights. Detailed statistics on website access, a high-capacity file management and features for restoring deleted elements perfect the package.

The fuctionality of CMS is steadily being improved.New elements such as a wiki or discussion forums are planned for the near future, as well as an interface to the LSF and other HIS products.


Have we made you curious? A detailed description of our CMS service can be found here. And you can directly apply online for CMS.

Assistance and support

The manual can be found online. Solutions to known problems can be found in our Knowledge Base. In case of problems, please feel free to contact our Support via E-Mail.