CMS and web server

The KIM runs the central webserver of the university (, which provides departments, chairs and university institutions with the possibility to publish information on the Internet (or Intranet). Students and external institutions are excluded from this service at this stage. 

We recommend using the university-wide CMS for standard websites, because this system radically simplifies content maintenance and requires significantly less time and effort for administration. Here, the system takes care of most tasks, whereas on the normal webserver you have much more control. We are happy to give you advice which service is most suitable for your needs.

Access and registration

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The webserver is a virtual machine. Its performance gets adapted to the current requirements. It runs on a Linux operating system with PHP and MySQL.

Therefore, possibilities are not limited to “simple” websites. With the installed software, pretty much anything that is possible on the Internet nowadays can also be realised on this webserver (i.e. dynamic, database generated websites, CMS etc.).